Makes traffic signal priority work better than ever!

Special Features••••••••••••••••••


WINDOWS based software
Flash memory which can be accessed by PC or modem, for all uploads and downloads data and software.
4,000 preemptions logged by date, time (start/ending), direction, siren type and elapsed time of the preemption.
Graphic displays in real time of the siren frequency, sound pressure levels (Db) and the cycle rates.

Siren profiling to determine if the siren meets the requirements for "Class A" , Federal Regulations and States Statutes.



The SONEM 2000 is designed for use in NEMA TS-I/TS-2 and in CalTrans 170/2070 cabinets and is easy to install. We are NEMA and CalTrans 170 compatible.



Programmable features allow different specific settings at each intersection. Each channel can be adjusted locally or remotely to account for

Vehicle distance
Siren type (yelp, wail, hi-lo) from all manufacturers
Siren frequency and period

The SONEM 2000 maintains a numeric log of signal preemption actions, power fluctuation and outages, system resets and manual/simulated preemptions.



All SONEM 2000 components are manufactured in the United States.


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