Makes traffic signal priority work better than ever!


Components: Surface Mount, Intergraded Circuit Technology, Industrial Standard U.S. Build
Input Power: 170 24.V.D.C
NEMA 95 - 130 V.A.C.
Back-up: I Lithium Battery (10 year Life)
Transfer Time: I ms (Converts sound energy to signal voltage)
Front Panel/Control: Siren Detection LED
Preemption LED
2 display characters for diagnostics
Switches for manual preemption by direction
Memory: 4 MB Flash, 128k STATIC RAM
Event Logging: Up to 4,000 events can be stored in the non-volatile memory, each activation is recorded by date, time (start/ending), direction, siren type, and elapsed time or the preemption. Manual preemptions are recorded as manual.
Temperature Range: -40 to +85 Centigrade
Microprocessor: DSP TI TMS320C50PQA57
Communication: RS-232 using Sonic Quick Vu R3.2.1
CMOS Technology: No Proprietary Parts
Detector Cables: I twisted Pair, 18 Gauge, Shielded; Beldon 8760 or equivalent
Size & Weight: 170/2070 • 7" x 4.5" x 2.25" • 1.0 lbs.
NEMA • 8" x 6.0" x 6.00" • 3.5lbs.
NEMA-W • 8" x 6.0" x 7.00" • 4.0lbs.
Warranty: 5 Years
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